StealthGenie Parental Monitoring

StealthGenie is feature-rich with tools to allow you as a parent to effectively monitor your teenagers. The app provides tools for:

  1. Detecting the trigger words that warn of danger
  2. Helping them if they are lost
  3. Keeping them away from the wrong crowd
  4. Setting limits on phone use
  5. Knowing what they are looking at
  6. Responding to a lost or stolen phone

Read further and find out more about how these tools can help you.

1. Did You Say This?

With the SteathGenie control panel, you can configure a set of trigger words that when used in a message on the target phone will send an alert to you either via email or SMS.

The trigger words can be anything from friends’ names to street buzzwords that indicate drug, sexual, or other mischievous activities.

When you get the messages indicating that these trigger words have been used, you will be armed with the information you need to confront your teenager and find out what is going on.

2. Help, I’m Lost

A parent’s fear is when their teenager learns to drive but doesn’t know her way around town. With the parental monitoring tools available from Stealth Genie, all your teen has to do is call you and you can pinpoint her location via GPS on a map through the control panel. Then, you can guide her back to her home safely.

3. That Friend Isn’t Good for You

As parents, we would like our teens to be able to get along with everyone but some parents don’t have the same standards of behavior for their kids that you do. Thus, there are some kids that you don’t want yours hanging around with.

However, it’s much more tempting for your teen because the bad kids are oftentimes more fun until trouble comes. With StealthGenie, you get all of the information you need to determine whom your teen is calling and to whom he is sending SMS messages.

4. Your Teen Needs a Life

With StealthGenie, you can control the target phone through a set of commands available from the control panel. One such command is the lock command which stops use of the phone.

Not only is this command useful when the phone falls into the wrong hands but you can shut down the phone so that your teen will stop talking on it for so long. Spending the entire day on the phone isn’t good for social development and is an indication that your teen needs a life.

5. What a Waste of Time

Web browsers on cell phones are a great invention and gives anyone access to a world of information from anywhere. Of course the same time wasting websites can be accessed as well. With StealthGenie, you can get a history of the websites where your teenager has been spending the most time.

6. I Can’t Find My Phone!

It is common knowledge that smartphones are expensive and they can hold a ton of information. The owner’s greatest fear is losing one not only because it will take a significant amount of cash to replace but also because the information on it could leave one in a vulnerable position.

For example, your teen’s contact file could be used mischievously if it falls into the wrong hands. All of the sudden after losing the phone, the friends of your teen start getting stalked by a stranger and it is a dangerous scenario.

With the StealthGenie remote command facility, you can lock the phone, pinpoint its location, and wipe the information such as the contact list off it. You may not get the phone back but the thief won’t be able to exploit it either.